Stratford North

Dom_Skinner1_(1).jpgDominic - chosen by the Lib Dems as their candidate for Stratford North - lives on Oakleigh Road, in the middle of the StratfordNorth division, with his fiancée Lily and two children, aged two and eight months. A former Royal Marines Commando, Dominic now works as an architect and runs his own business locally.

‘I decided to put myself forward as a candidate because I want to see improvement and action in my local area. Like a lot of people I’m fed up with promises and no results. I’m coming from outside the local political system. I aim to bring fresh ideas, get important local issues on the agenda and drive positive change for everyone in Stratford North!’

Dominic aims to focus on:

  • Improving vital community facilities, care and support services for all.
  • Implementing a clear action plan to solve the increasing strain on our roads and infrastructure.
  • Championing more affordable homes for local people by developing a clear strategy for new housing in Stratford that respects our historic town, reduces the impact on existing residents and provides much needed housing for all.


Dom's first Focus for Stratford North