Elizabeth Adams

Experienced, motivated and ready to lead, Elizabeth is a local South Warwickshire woman standing up for local people.


Elizabeth lives in the constituency with her partner and two children. She and her family use the same services that other residents use day in, day out. She understands the issues and concerns facing local people.

Elizabeth says, "I want to see Stratford, and our surrounding towns and villages prosper, with local services protected and improved, so that South Warwickshire can stay as one of the best communities for our future generations to live and work."

She is leading the campaign for more affordable housing, and has fought the local Conservatives over housing policy delays that have put our green spaces at risk.

Elizabeth explains, "We want housing for need, not greed! I want local children to have a chance at buying a house where they grew up, without being priced out of the market. We can have affordable housing, we can get investment into local services to support it, and we can protect our green spaces and the characteristics of our towns and villages whilst it happens."

Why is Elizabeth the Best Person to Represent South Warwickshire?

Elizabeth is currently training as a commercial barrister. She has the skills required to represent local people and businesses and get action on the issues affecting them. She understands the current problems facing the economy and will work to ensure that Stratford and South Warwickshire receives investment in the areas needed to bring jobs and help local businesses thrive, such as improving broadband facilities and better transport infrastructure. The issues around traffic that affect most towns and villages across South Warwickshire are a real problem and the Conservatives have failed to do anything but set up talking shops for too long.

Having previously worked in community pharmacy, Elizabeth is also very passionate about healthcare and ensuring our NHS is protected and properly funded. She is fighting to hold the Conservative Brexit government to account and ensure that South Warwickshire NHS receives the funding it needs.

An Experienced Campaigner:

Elizabeth has years of campaigning experience, tackling issues of local and national importance. Elizabeth has been successful in changing national party policy surrounding Domestic Abuse and is working with national charities and policy makers to improve education and awareness on this and other issues.

After standing to represent Stratford-Upon-Avon Constituency in the General Election, she has met and listened to residents across the district. Elizabeth knows the promises made by the local Conservatives and is ready to fight for people let down by them. Like other local people, Elizabeth is concerned at the way local Conservatives have taken our area for granted for too long. From failing to protect our local villages and countryside from inappropriate development to the many negative headlines that keep appearing about the 'part-time' Conservative MP.

Elizabeth's Liberal Values:

Elizabeth first started campaigning with the Liberal Democrats during their opposition to the Iraq war and the 'No to ID Cards' campaign. She is a committed defender of civil liberties and freedoms. Her children are a driving force behind her determination to fight for a fair, open and tolerant society that gives opportunity, and a fair chance to all.

Elizabeth grew up in North Solihull on a council estate and witnessed a lot of poverty and social problems. As someone who was able to write legal style letters and pursue complaints, she was able to help a lot of friends and family with various issues. She wanted to use her voice to get change and stand up for others who were struggling and being let down by the system.

Elizabeth's Grandad was a trade unionist and worked at the old Rover plant in Birmingham, but she also had close family who were traditionally Conservative. Elizabeth personally felt that both parties had let people down. Elizabeth's generation have been let down by consecutive Labour and Conservative governments. She hopes to fight the problems now faced by younger generations struggling to be able to buy a house, low wages and disengagement with politics.

Elizabeth explains, "The commitment of the Liberal Democrats to areas such as education, the environment and creating a fairer society are what drive me. I believe that so many problems in society can be solved through education, and for me it is the best way to give our children a real chance in life. Having worked in a pharmacy, healthcare is also something I'm really passionate about. I'm standing for election because I believe in Liberal values and I want to make a real difference for local people. I feel there are too many MP's from London, from millionaire backgrounds and who are not really standing up for people in their constituencies. As your MP, I would work hard, always be genuine with people and do my very best to get things done."