General Election 2017

On Thursday June 8th 2017, there is a unique opportunity to change, to change the mood of the country, to change from the old, tired 2 party stranglehold, to change from the extreme dogma and ideologies of the present government and a weak, failing opposition. 

Since last year you have seen what happens without us. A Conservative-only Government showing its true colours: reckless, divisive and uncaring; targeting the working poor, junior doctors. Failing to support those most needy, cut backs in social care, lack of funding for the NHS and for Mental Health and making cuts in education that have had schools all over the country pleading for extra resources, for more money to avoid having to make impossible decisions that will ruin the life chances of millions of school children.

That’s why the Liberal Democrats are needed more than ever. We are the real voice of opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government and the only party fighting to keep Britain opentolerant and united.

Find out more about our candidate Elizabeth Adams.