Conservative plans to scrap the retained fire crew based in Stratford upon Avon have been scrapped in the face of huge pressure from local Lib Dem councillors and residents. Concerns had been raised by local Liberal Democrat county councillors when the proposed cuts by the Conservative-led administration at Warwickshire County Council came to light. Stratford station is manned by two fire crews, one full time and one retained. The retained crew work part-time while holding down full-time jobs.

“We need a fire service that is properly resourced” In discussing the importance of retaining the crew Avenue Ward campaigner Cohl Warren-Howles said: “The role our retained crew play in keeping our community safe is so important. These are professional firefighters who do this role part time, all while holding down full time careers. With Stratford and it’s surrounding villages only continuing to grow in terms of additional housing, we need a fire service that is properly resourced to meet this demand.”

Commenting on the council's actions Cohl said “This U-turn proves again that the Conservative-led administrations at district and county level are not working together. We often see District Tories blaming County Tories when the two should be working together. It is ultimately local residents who suffer from this disconnected approach to local government."