Dom_Eelction_19.jpeg2019 was a very successful year for our local party. Our membership has risen to an all-time high. Our local election success saw us gain eight district councillors, and we took
almost complete control of the town council in Stratford-upon-Avon: a fantastic result and a testament to all involved. 

We finished a strong second in the EU elections and gained a great MEP for the West Midlands in Phil Bennion. This was followed up with an amazing general election result. We achieved the highest number of votes and vote share of all the Lib Dem constituencies in the West Midlands. 

Dominic Skinner, Parliamentary Spokesperson says: "We are back in our rightful place as the real challengers to the Tories here and we have a strong base to build upon over the next five years. I've always said that it’s not candidates that win elections, but our members and supporters. The successes above are down to each of our members, our deliverers, door knockers, donators and phone callers.

"Each vote we have received in 2019 is because of the support, hard work, faith and dedication of our members and supporters. From Shipston to Studley, thank you. It’s always humbling and inspiring for me to be part of such an amazing and positive group. Politicians make promises in elections. It will be our role as leaders of liberalism - needed now more than ever - to hold those politicians to account on their promises."