The local Liberal Democrats have received a huge boost from the results of the local elections held on May 2nd.

On Stratford District Council they reinforced their position as the main opposition, by taking 11 seats, and on Stratford Town Council they defeated all the Conservative candidates and took 17 out of 18 seats, with the final seat going to an Independent. All the previous Stratford First councillors, who stood in these elections as Conservatives, lost their seats.

Compared with the last local elections four years ago in 2015, the changes in the Stratford District Council were:

  2015 2019 Change
Conservative 31 20 -11
Liberal Democrat 3 11 +8
Labour 1 0 -1
Green 0 1 +1
Independent 1 4 +3

The Liberal Democrat share of the vote increased from 19% to 29%, making them the clear challenger to the Conservatives in this area.